Monday, September 28, 2009


'Never give up on anybody, miracles happen everyday' H. Jackson Brown Jnr
This includes you, everyday is a new day to start again. So with it brings new opportunities, new thoughts new actions, new decisions. Whatever happened, you decided, yesterday is gone, what this means is that today is a blank canvas to create with it what you will. So leave the past behind you, don't give up on you or anyone else.
TODAY: Take some time to look after you, how about a homemade facial. Put it on and contemplate the magic of now.
1 ripe organic avocado
Mash avocado, spread on face and leave for 15 minutes. To wash off massage a little warm water into face and splash until clean. Then moisturise.

Monday, September 21, 2009


'You can if you think you can' Norman Vincent Peale
Aint that the truth, we only do what we think that we can, and vice versa. So I think that no matter where you are at, today challenge yourself to believe something that you never though possible, something positive. Think about it, see yourself doing it, feel how good it feels to ache vie, smell it, breathe it. Do what it takes to put yourself there, then see what happens, suddenly its not so impossible.
Today start a new habit, start adding more vegetables into your day, everyday. Sneek them in where you can,
  • when making muffins, substitute some pureed beetroot in place of some of the butter or fat in the recipe
  • always keep some chopped up vegetables in a container in the fridge for snacking
  • add spinach to your pasta sauces, just before serving
  • serve a salad with every meal
  • add some extra vegetables into your sandwich.

Get creative, get healthier, get where you want to be quicker. A mind that is fed the right foods as well as the right information, knows no boundaries.

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'Its not enough to aim, you must hit' Italian proverb
So this means that the thought is not enough, you must take action, so on day 9. I hope that you are committed to your goals. I think that the easiest way to change old habits is to replace them with a new one, so instead of deciding I am going to cut out all chocolate, why not decide to replace sugar laden cooked unhealthy chocolate with raw dark chocolate, that is full of vitamins or minerals. You see suffering is not required to get to your goals, you just have to think outside of where you normally do, ok and maybe it will require a little taste bud adjustment, but once you are there, you wont want to go back. It is easy to make change...try some of the following:
COFFEE with DANDELION TEA, it will give your energy that you usually get from caffine, with no caffine hit and it can help assist in losing body fat.
WHITE BREAD with WHOLEMEAL/WHOLEGRAIN BREAD AND PASTA VARIETIES, white grain products drain B Vitamins from the body to digest, whereas the wholegrain/wholemeal varieties, give the body B Vitamins
STORE BROUGHT JUICES with FRESH FRUIT, instead of loading your body with pasterised juices, treat it with the real McCoy, fresh fruit contains vitamins and minerals.
CAR PARK near the front of the SHOPS for one at the back, walk yourself to health, those steps do make a difference....

Monday, September 14, 2009


If only you knew how amazing you were, how amazing your body and your mind are, I wonder what you would do? In studying to be a nutritionist, I am in awe at the miracles that we are. Do you know how many systems, how many millions of cells are working together so that you can read and interpret this post, do you know what has to happen in order for you to move your hand. I suppose if we knew how amazing we were, we would know that nothing is impossible, because we are truly incredible beings.

So for today, how about you stop and be grateful for you, your infinitesimal possibilities and respect yourself - your decisions, look after your body, nuture and feed your mind. Be grateful for everyone around you too, they are miracles.

Tip of the day: Summer is just around the corner, why spend one day feeling bad about yourself, do something about it. Start working your stomach muscles-DAILY... Try sit-ups, you dont need to go to the gym. Jump on the ground and commit to at least 20 a day.

Friday, September 11, 2009


'No undertaking is difficult if pursued with perserverance' Phillipine Proverb

Well if you are reading this, you are perservering... Hopefully you are looking at your healthy goals daily, and taking action.

So today the focus is on staying committed, staying power. Enough cannot be said for the power of perserverance in acheiving anything and everything. It is the difference between healthy and sick and fit or fat.

You see, perserverance is getting up at 6 to go for a walk because you know that if you don't get up then, you will not, it is deciding to drink water instead of coke and studying instead of watching TV, its going on despite the set backs we all have. Perserverance is deciding that once you set your goal, you will acheive it. So today I am here to encourage you to stay committed, DONT GIVE UP, even when it seems too hard, remember what the goal is, if at first you fail try and try again, look for progress, pat yourself on the back...

Tip for today: Try stretching before your undertake any exercise, this encourages the body to release synovial fluid from the joints, this means that the joints become more lubricated. This lubrication facilitates easier joint movement and less injuries, in fact the majority of joint injuries can be alleviated by warming up correctly before exercising. Maybe even try warming up as soon as you wake up. Look after your body, nuture it.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


'When you have a heartfelt belly laugh, all parts of your being - the physiological, the pyschological, the spiritual - they all vibrate in one single tune. They all vibrate in harmony!'

We can do anything for one day, so today how about seeing the funny side of things. Laugh, laugh, laugh

In laughing the whole body is exercised, it gives your body an internal massage. Through laughing catecholamines are released into the bloodstream, these reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow and help speed up the healing process.
"Three to five minutes of intense laughter can double the heart rate-the aerobic equivalent of three strenuous minutes on a rowing machine."
Dr. W. Fry, Jr

So for today how about laughing for laughing for laughing's sake. Tell a funny joke, look on the lighter side of life


'do one thing every day that scares you' eleanor roosevelt
This is a fantastic way to control your own life, by doing something that scares you daily, you push past your perceived boundaries. Say for example, trying a new meal freaks you out, you have not succeeded in the past, you have burnt it, it tasted yuk. So you stick to your normal repertoire, you then close yourself off from amazing taste sensations because you stay in your box. Same goes for weight loss, scared of doing something because you could fail.
So today, we urge you to do something that scares you (not encouraging any dangerous activities, keep it safe), by doing one thing a day you gradually build up confidence in yourself, in your abilities and breaks down your boundaries, which then means you will have fewer boundaries and more amazing experiences.
Tip for the day: Try increasing your hydration, aim to drink one glass of water an hour. By breaking it down to one glass per hour, in a standard 8 hour day at work, you will have drunk your recommended 8 glass of water. Easy peesy....
This will prevent dehydration, help flush the body of toxins and promotes healing processes within the body. And if you are exchanging your water for other beverages, ie soft drinks or coffee, watch a few kg just melt away

Monday, September 7, 2009


'the most certain way to succeed is always just to try just one more time' Thomas Edison

So I hope that you are still with us, committed and taking action. Today we are going to look at ways to handle stress, its often when we are faced with stress, we retreat back to our old ways. Lets get past this, the first thing would be to recognise it, recognise the self talk that says, 'its too hard-lets retreat'.
1. Stop and be conscious, take a deep breathe. Breathe in and decide in that moment to believe that you can do it.
2. Get rational or irrational, which ever works best for you. Work out what the actual problem is, then brainstorm 20 ways in which you can change it to get the outcome that you are after.
3. If you can't control the situation, learn to let it go. There is no use in holding onto situations that you can't change.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


'Whether you think that you can, whether you think that you can't, either way you are right'. Henry Ford

Thanks for joining us, today, we need to look at what we believe about ourselves and our capabilities, we only ever get what we believe, and we only ever do what we think we are capable of. So what if you stretched you mind to think that you can do something that you never thought was possible before. So if we are talking about weight loss for example, what if not only you were to lose that weight, but you were going to look amazing and enjoy it. See maybe you have always associated weight loss with struggle, and maybe you never really thought that you could do it, have fun and keep the weight off.
If you changed your mindset, to believe in yourself, maybe just maybe you could do things that you never could before. Each new experience will then give your confidence to believe in yourself,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


' we are what we repeatedly do' Aristotle

Today is about getting outside our comfort zone, life is how we spend our days...that is our life.

So today, lets do something different. Instead of, instead of yelling...sing, instead of doing something. Look at your goal, what are three things that you can do differently today to work towards your need to commit yourself at least 30 minutes out of your day towards your goals.

Ok I have something for you to try, raw garlic...its really not that bad. Garlic is a potent immune booster and contains both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Chop it up as fine as you can, put it in a glass of water and shot it down. Great for your skin, great for the immune system, great for overwell being (Lets be real though, not so great for the breath, them the breaks)
Lets get as healthy as we can.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


'you have to dream so that you can get up in the morning' Billy Wilder

Ok So its Day 1 of the thirty day challenge. Today is about getting outside the box we know as our comfort zone. It deciding where we want to go, because that is the only way to get there. So take 30 minutes for yourself and start day dreaming about what you want, where you want to go, how much healthier you want to be, how much weight you want to lose, how much clearer you want your skin to be. Whatever it is write it down.

Sit with it, then chose three things from the list that are achieveable in 30 days. We need it to be measureable also.

ie Lose 4 kgs in 30 days.

So then take your goal and break it down into manageable steps, ie. lose 1 kg every 7 days...think of ways that you could do this..move your body everyday, replace all drinks with water, replace one meal a day with a salad, whatever it is that is going to work for you. Plot it out, something like this...

Week 1: Do something physical every day for 30 minutes

week 2: in addition to moving my body, replace all fluids with water

Week 3: Replace normal lunch with salad

Week 4: Cut sugar out of meals.

These are just very basic teps and ideas, you need to make them your own, to define where you are going. It is advised that you seed advice from a medical practioner prior to undertaking any new eating or exercise regime.

So now you know where you need to go, you have drawn up the map. Place it somewhere that you can see it everyday. This is the only way to get there, lets get to it. Join us tomorrow for the next step to our own success, to your good health

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