Wednesday, September 9, 2009


'When you have a heartfelt belly laugh, all parts of your being - the physiological, the pyschological, the spiritual - they all vibrate in one single tune. They all vibrate in harmony!'

We can do anything for one day, so today how about seeing the funny side of things. Laugh, laugh, laugh

In laughing the whole body is exercised, it gives your body an internal massage. Through laughing catecholamines are released into the bloodstream, these reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow and help speed up the healing process.
"Three to five minutes of intense laughter can double the heart rate-the aerobic equivalent of three strenuous minutes on a rowing machine."
Dr. W. Fry, Jr

So for today how about laughing for laughing for laughing's sake. Tell a funny joke, look on the lighter side of life


'do one thing every day that scares you' eleanor roosevelt
This is a fantastic way to control your own life, by doing something that scares you daily, you push past your perceived boundaries. Say for example, trying a new meal freaks you out, you have not succeeded in the past, you have burnt it, it tasted yuk. So you stick to your normal repertoire, you then close yourself off from amazing taste sensations because you stay in your box. Same goes for weight loss, scared of doing something because you could fail.
So today, we urge you to do something that scares you (not encouraging any dangerous activities, keep it safe), by doing one thing a day you gradually build up confidence in yourself, in your abilities and breaks down your boundaries, which then means you will have fewer boundaries and more amazing experiences.
Tip for the day: Try increasing your hydration, aim to drink one glass of water an hour. By breaking it down to one glass per hour, in a standard 8 hour day at work, you will have drunk your recommended 8 glass of water. Easy peesy....
This will prevent dehydration, help flush the body of toxins and promotes healing processes within the body. And if you are exchanging your water for other beverages, ie soft drinks or coffee, watch a few kg just melt away