Monday, September 21, 2009


'You can if you think you can' Norman Vincent Peale
Aint that the truth, we only do what we think that we can, and vice versa. So I think that no matter where you are at, today challenge yourself to believe something that you never though possible, something positive. Think about it, see yourself doing it, feel how good it feels to ache vie, smell it, breathe it. Do what it takes to put yourself there, then see what happens, suddenly its not so impossible.
Today start a new habit, start adding more vegetables into your day, everyday. Sneek them in where you can,
  • when making muffins, substitute some pureed beetroot in place of some of the butter or fat in the recipe
  • always keep some chopped up vegetables in a container in the fridge for snacking
  • add spinach to your pasta sauces, just before serving
  • serve a salad with every meal
  • add some extra vegetables into your sandwich.

Get creative, get healthier, get where you want to be quicker. A mind that is fed the right foods as well as the right information, knows no boundaries.

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'Its not enough to aim, you must hit' Italian proverb
So this means that the thought is not enough, you must take action, so on day 9. I hope that you are committed to your goals. I think that the easiest way to change old habits is to replace them with a new one, so instead of deciding I am going to cut out all chocolate, why not decide to replace sugar laden cooked unhealthy chocolate with raw dark chocolate, that is full of vitamins or minerals. You see suffering is not required to get to your goals, you just have to think outside of where you normally do, ok and maybe it will require a little taste bud adjustment, but once you are there, you wont want to go back. It is easy to make change...try some of the following:
COFFEE with DANDELION TEA, it will give your energy that you usually get from caffine, with no caffine hit and it can help assist in losing body fat.
WHITE BREAD with WHOLEMEAL/WHOLEGRAIN BREAD AND PASTA VARIETIES, white grain products drain B Vitamins from the body to digest, whereas the wholegrain/wholemeal varieties, give the body B Vitamins
STORE BROUGHT JUICES with FRESH FRUIT, instead of loading your body with pasterised juices, treat it with the real McCoy, fresh fruit contains vitamins and minerals.
CAR PARK near the front of the SHOPS for one at the back, walk yourself to health, those steps do make a difference....