Monday, November 2, 2009

Investment of a lifetime

'Many people put more time into the maintenance of their cars than into their own body! Buy yourself organic vegetables and eat them. Invest in yourself. ... You can ask yourself, "What have I consumed today that will build high integrity blood, bone, and brain and body tissue? What have I done today that will add another day to my life?" Annie Paden

What if a friend told you about an investment that you could make that you couldn't lose out on? The rewards would be ten-fold, not only would they be financial but physical, spiritual the pay-off would be in every area of your life and not just today but for the rest of your life…You see the thing is that I am that friend and I am here to tell you that the investments that you make today, will pave the way for your future. Investing in your health is the single most important factor that you make at improving every other area of your life. When you have health you have possibilities. Possibilities to move your body, enjoy your family, make more money, see the world, drive your car, do what it is that you want, living a healthy life. . It is estimated that lifestyle and environment combine to create 75% of chronic illness and guess who is control of their lifestyle and their environment….YOU!!!

Just like a car if we look after the car, regularly service it, give it what it needs to run, don't overwork it, then it will run optimally. Humans are pretty much the same, we invest by feeding ourselves with the best organic foods, drinking water, taking rest, then we are ensuring that we can live optimally, and then we do get a knock, it's easier to get up…

You see the benefits are huge; you will look amazing, have more energy, feel more confident, be more productive in your endeavors and ultimately live a better life…..

So what does this mean, how do you invest in yourself? How about trying out these, you are worth it:

  1. Commit to yourself, realise that you are in control and that your decisions determine the outcomes

  2. Commit to having one organic salad a day, with as many greens as you can muster.

  3. Sign up for some organic goodness delivered to your door, every week . (When you eat organic foods, you give your body the purest form of food, unadulterated, free from pesticides, hormones, insecticides, healthy, fresh real food!)

  4. Take 20 minutes for yourself every day, go for a walk, and breathe in some fresh air.

  5. Replace all the oils in your home, with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils (talk about them next week!!!)

  6. Have one day a week where you don't consume anything that comes out of a packet

  7. Commit to eating at least 5 different vegetables a day

  8. Reduce your red meat consumption, change it for some fish in your week

  9. Think positively (Researchers have established the effect of happiness on lifespan is about as strong as not smoking)

  10. Get social (Research suggests that loneliness can increase the risk of high blood pressure, depression, and Alzheimer's disease, as well as lower immunity.)