Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food Inc

I have just watched the documentary, Food Inc. Apart from feeling quite nausea I feel equally empowered to spread the goodness of organics. This documentary opens the can of worms on the trade that is food processing, the mass production of the food that feed our kids. You may be able to seperate yourself from this because it is an american made documentary, but the truth is that we are not seperate from this. Most of the fast food trade that exists in Australia takes a leaf out of the American systems. This is a dangerous system and one that we should be aware of. Although I believe that the food systems in Australia are alot better in respect to food standards, the truth of the matter is that Genetically Modified Crops are infiltrating our amazing soils, animals are being treated inhumanely and food is being mass produced, full of chemicals, refined food stuffs. There are better ways to produce foods, better ways that dont need Genetic modification, animal cruelty and mass production. What we think is cheap food, ie fast food, packaged processed foods, is so much more expensive. It costs our us in doctors bills, the environment and ultimatley our health.

You see I am not one to talk doom and gloom, but perhaps sometimes its necessary to see where the problems are, talk about them and work towards a solution. There is always a solution to our problems, and there defintley is when it comes to food.

Eating well is an obligation to yourself, your family and the environment, we as a whole are a system that is we are not seperate from oneself. The formula is quite simple you see, healthy systems=healthy soils=healthy plants=healthy animals= healthy humans=healthy environments=healthy life.

We need to demand that our food is produced ethically, humanely, we need to learn to read labels, get educated about GM crops, oppose them, support local farmers, eat seasonally, learn about how your food can heal your body, if your a meat eater choose free range, choose fresh, chose organic! Vote with your dollar, your money is the most effective and persuasive tool we have at our disposal. Our dollars are the power that determine how things happen and if enough people choose healthy organic foods, fresh organic produce then change will happen. The large food conglomerates will see that's whats wanted

I hope that you become inspired to learn about your food, where does it come from, how is it made, if its meat, how is it produced. Contact us for more information on your food production.
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