Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wholesale Markets moving to Epping

So it was announced yesterday that the Wholesale produce markets are officially moving to Epping, this has so many implications for anyone who eats in Melbourne unless of course you live in Epping or in the vicinity of Epping.
This is not just the organic world it will affect but the conventional markets as well, forcing increases in the cost of food, which is three fold, this in conjunction with rising oil prices and a new carbon tax, fruit and vegetable vendors have no choice but to either raise their prices or shut up shop. The relocation will also mean that the vendors will have to refurbish their stores and this costs money, which ultimately the consumer will wear!
Speaking of that already way to many small fruit and vegetable vendors have decided that by the time this move occurs they will have shut up shop. This is really sad for the fresh food industry in Melbourne and means that the bigger players, namely the supermarkets will dominate the market even more. The repercussions of this are disastrous for our farmers, our food and our livelihood.

So what can be done, now that the decision has been made, unfortunately not much in terms of lobbying. I think the most important thing that can be done is supporting your local fruit and vegetable vendors, ensuring that you vote with your dollar and keep the world of fresh food alive. The alternative is that when the big players totally dominate, your 'perfect' foods, waxed apples, sprayed tomatoes will take over this world.... Keep the power people, vote with your dollar and while we are on the subject 'go organic, support our local farmers, work with us'