Sunday, July 24, 2011

Protect our daily bread

Ok people the time has come to act, this could be the biggest injustice to our livelihood ever, never before in human history has our ignorance compromised our food systems as much as the change that is about to occur. The PM has allowed for genetically modified wheat to be grown in commercial quantities in Australia, this is very very scary.
If you are new to the Genetically Modified food debate, please allow me to give you a basic rundown , genetically modified food is foods that are created in a laboratory, by modifying the genes of crops to make it possible to put more fertilisers and pesticides on them that it wont kill them...but possibly us.
Genetically modified foods have never been proven safe for humans to eat, yet our government is allowing this.
Apart from the the nutritional affects, if a genetically modified seed lands on a non GM farm, the farmer then has to pay foreign companies for that germination..... the most ridiculous thing ever... there are many court cases going on around the world as we speak, where little farmers are being taken to court. One such case already exists in Australia, an organic farmer in western Australia is battling these companies after his organic farm was contaminated by GM crops, losing his organic certification and ruining his farm!

So what can you do.....
Check out this video

Boycott wheat, these amazing chefs are on board too , read more about it here

Download the true food kids guide here, published by GREENPEACE

Shop responsibly, email the supermarkets tell them you don't want GM crops on their shelves