Friday, December 28, 2012

Its Christmas Time

Four organic eggs,  three organic apricots, and an organic box of cherries.

Like you need my reminder, here it is anyway there are only 8 more days until Christmas Day is upon us...Just quietly I am freaking out too, presents aside I am also beginning to stress about the food.... The most important part of the day, the blessing that we have I suppose is that with organic food the flavours are so amazing, you can keep the food simple and produce will do the rest.

So in the midst of the madness, maybe we should take a leaf from nature (pardon the pun) and keep everything simple.  Presents, food, our lives.  The simpler that they are the less stress we have!!!

Some things to look forward to in 2013....

Our farm, this last weekend was spent planting out the farm, lead by our amazing farm manager Steve, Jenny and a host of fabulous volunteers on both Saturday and Sunday. What this means is lots of amazing produce from farm to fork for all of you!.
Our food school, we have an amazing selection of food school courses coming your way, including cheese making, vegan, raw pasta, proscuitto and so much more.
Our food store, the addition of our new fridge means that we will be stocking so much more amazing produce!  We will have so many new products in 2013.  We also have a new range of home wares coming in, eco, organic and amazing
Online store, 2013 will see our best website yet, with a new shopping cart, easier shopping and so many more are sure to love.

HOUSEKEEPING:Our last day of trading will be Christmas Eve,  Monday 24th December 2012, we will then reopen on Tuesday 29th January 2013.  The food store will be open occasionally when we have some amazing summer fruits coming in, ie peaches and blueberries and we will let you know via Facebook when we are opening...We have some gorgeous Christmas presents coming for all of our clients, so please be sure to place your order this week leading up to Christmas to receive your gift.  If you have a standing order you will automatically receive your gift in your organic box.   

As usual thanks for your amazing support, we are so grateful to build an amazing world with you,
Angela and the team at Organic Empire XX

'Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas."
~ Peg Bracken.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farming, tomatoes and Joel Salatin, what life on the farm is teaching me

I remember once upon a time, dreaming of a farm, a place where food grew naturally, this place was where paradise met the rest of the world....I found that place and my dream came true...I didn't think that anything could make me more focused than what I life has.  I never considered myself a farmer, that is until now.
You see the sun has come up on our farm...metaphorically and literally....we have ourselves an amazing farm manager, Steve, who is going to growing your divine organic produce. The farm is coming together, your food is. 
You see  I think that I have been blessed with the huge responsibility in life of keeping people  healthy, that is my mission, to create, perpetuate and share real food.  This is truly one thing that creates happiness in the world, for food=life.  I must express my gratitude to you all, because its because of you and for you that this can happen....
It's so important for me to connect with you, as a farmer, at our food school and in our farm store these connections, that one's that make us a community are so important for creating the future that we want, a beautiful one, where our kids and their kids will always have access to the best freshest alive foods. 
What have I learnt in my short time on the farm, that life is miraculous...its is bigger than we could ever imagine.  That the sun rises and sets irrespective of whatever problems you think you may have, and that the people that you love, they are what truly matters...

So tomorrow evening I get to hang out with one of my food hero's, Joel Salatin of Food Inc fame.  He is a farmer that is revolutionising small scale farms the world over, with a holistic system that goes beyond organic. I look forward to seeing you if you are attending the Dumbo Feather event. For those that are not, don't despair I will be sharing Joel's wisdom.  

Speaking of farming, we have over 18 varieties of heirloom organic seedling available in the food store this week, get in quick and start your own...they don't take much to grow and will taste amazing!!!!

I hope that you have a sensational happy healthy week, thanks for all your amazing support

Angela and the team at Organic Empire
"My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer."
Brenda Schoepp


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pesticides and the Dirty Dozen

Have you tried some of our strawberries? They are so sweet and divine...and soooo good for your health.  It is so important to make sure that you eat organic strawberries whenever you can, conventionally farmed strawberries have been found with over 60 different pesticide traces, thats pretty scary.  In fact, there are many chemicals used on conventional produce that remain once harvested....strawberries are one of the worst.  The Environmental Working Group, a non for profit US group has released a foldable pdf, titled the Dirty Dozen, a list complied based on pesticide residues with recommendations for the most heavily sprayed crops. This can be downloaded HERE.  (Even though its from the US, its still relevant to us in Australia)
Back to the sweetness of strawberries , these little wonder fruits are one of the best sources of Vitamin C,  the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient content of strawberries is simply outstanding. Studies have found that the intake of strawberries on aged animals increased cognitive performance and motor function. The studies I think are most interesting are the ones based on digestion with recent studies finding that strawberries can improve the digestive state of those with inflammatory bowel problems including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.  

Come into the shop this week for some great specials on strawberries and lots of other divine produce.  We also have tempeh, yoghurts and cheeses in stock.

I hope that you have a sensational happy healthy week, thanks for all your amazing support

Angela and the team at Organic Empire XX

'Right now, this moment is the only one we're guaranteed. We make lists and plans.
 We think we know what we'll do tomorrow, next week, next month. But really...all we have is right now. All we ever have is one wonderful now after another. So in this one golden moment of precious life-pick the strawberries.'

Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring cleaning and becoming earthed.

Spring is just about sprung and it is just about time to start peeling off the layers. As we let go of the old and make way for the new, the coming cycle brings with it a feeling of ascension and new growth. The freshness and cleansing that comes from the active burst of greenery in these new beginnings places emphasis the need to include more raw and fresh foods into our daily living. Spring is the season of revitalisation and is of many simplistic beauties. 

Seasonal foods to enjoy and why…

Seasonal food…
Healthful benefits…
Rich in antioxidants called Indoles which are helpful to protect against hormonally-related cancers, as well as assisting with the detoxification of chemical substances from the body.
Cauliflowers go well in mild curries and with rice dishes and can be sliced thinly into salads. 
Be cautious with too much raw cauliflower if you have an underactive thyroid. 
Rich in natural B-carotene which is important for maintaining healthy vision and for liver cell protection against alcohol and other damaging environmental chemicals.
Eat carrots raw as a snack, grated into sandwiches and lightly steamed at dinner.
Be cautious with too much carrot juice as it is quite high in sugar causing a blood-sugar spike.
Rich in glutamine, vitamin C and potent antioxidant glutathione, good for keeping skin youthful and beautiful. Can be helpful for hormonal balance when eaten regularly.
Cabbage is an excellent source of glutamine and can assist with the healing of stomach ulcers.
An excellent booster of vitamin C and folic acid for the health blood cells and immune system.
Only have organic broccoli, as it tends to be one of the most heavily laden with pesticides.
Kiwi fruits
Rich in enzymes and antioxidants, enhancing digestion to improve the breakdown of food into nutrients. Kiwi fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and fibre making it is great for cardiovascular disease prevention.
Cleansing and strengthening for the elastic collagen structures of the skin, artery and tendons.
Traditionally strawberries have been used to heal problems with the gums, including for the removal of tartar build up and gum diseases.
Vitamin C increases the absorption of minerals like iron and calcium from plant based food, this can be beneficial for vegetarians and those choosing to eat a more naturally-based diet.
The white fleshy part is rich in bioflavonoids which is potent healers for hemorrhoids.
Contain antioxidant quercetin which is naturally antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and is healing for the immune system. 
Apple seeds contain a substance which converts to the toxin cyanide in the body, for safety avoid having large amounts of apple seeds or remove before use.
Leafy green vegetables
Rich in important magnesium and chlorophyll which are both essential for preventing arthritis and bone and joint problems. Eat 2 cups or more daily for optimal results.

A great way to ‘get your greens in’, is to start off the day with a Green smoothie. A basic recipe is as follows (serves 2):
Blend for 1 minute- 1 ½ medium banana, 1 cup berries, 2 cups cos lettuce, 1 ½ cups fresh filtered water. YUM!

After the long and cold winter, that refreshing sense of revitalisation, rejuvenation and renewal, is just the most beautiful motivator to get us out of the house and into the great outdoors. Oxygenating the body is a major key to good health; and this can be done through exercise and through food. Choose an abundance of brightly coloured seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables and opt for less packaged and processed foods, which lack vital force.

Start to become more ‘earthed’ and spring into action by taking these simple lifestyle measures: 
  • Rise early with the sun and take a brisk walk to get the blood flowing 
  • Take small breaks during the day, outdoors
  • Breathe deeply whilst stretching in the sun
  • Take a walk on your lunch break in the local park
  • Drink plenty of fresh filtered water
  • Spend weekend afternoons in the garden with the family pet
  • Eat some fresh raw foods with every meal
  • Pick fresh herbs from your garden and sprinkle them on meals
  • Make a delicious green smoothie

In this current day and age of technology, we can sometimes forget to reconnect with nature and be thankful for our food source. Ultimately, our connection to, and understanding of food should bring us closer to nature. 
“Our food is in our nature, and our nature is in our food” 
By becoming more aware of the impact our food choices have on the environment, and by choosing to eat organically, we are choosing to take a more holistic approach to foods. 
“Love your foods, love your body, heal-thy world”

For a more personally tailored approach to Natural Nutrition Therapy for Optimal Spring Health Cleansing and Detoxification, contact Know Foods Australia. Nutrition Therapist Jessica St Clair Rogers practices at clinics in Middle park and Brighton. Treat yourself and your health to a Personalised Eating Plan at Know Foods Australia TODAY!! 
Contact Jessica on 0431 039 277 or Visit

Monday, July 30, 2012

Living the sweetest life

Hope that you are all sweet (pardon the pun)... This week is all about living the sweet life sans the sugar.  Allow me to step back in time, a time when a desire for sweetness was created as a survival mechanism, the sweet foods provided an abundance of instant energy and as much as we believe that we have evolved, humans have an underlying preferance for sweet foods.

Rather than deny our desires, I think that we can all make better choices, one's that contribute to a better body, health and overall life..why do I think that...??
Without going into it too much, refined sugar from the sugar cane contains no other vitamins and minerals and thus robs the body of the B Vitamin complex to process, these sugars when broken down are also responsible for cross linking of proteins, and feeding nasty bacteria's in the body. 
There are many alternatives to sweeten up your day, that can provide nutritive qualities to support good health as well as provide the desire for sweetness. 
A craving for sweets can indicate many things ;a blood sugar drop and the body signalling it requires more energy, can be a reaction to stress, a result of boredom, and so many other health factors.
 So allow me to give you some alternatives, you choose what's best for you, just make it as healthy as you can!

Turbinado - is sugar made from the cane plant, not as processed as normal sugarr with only 1/3 of the molasses remaining.   Same sweetness as table sugar.

Rapadura - is made from can, but is unrefine and unbleached. The sugar stream and original molasses remain together, meaning that nutritionally the essential vitamins and minerals are retained.

Sucanat - is made by dehydrating fresh cane juice. more refined than Rapadura

Agave Nectar -  The Nectar or syrup is 50% sweeter than table sugar but has a low glycemic index. 

Barley Malt - is a sweetener made from sprouted barley, it has a similar taste to molasses.  It is  1/2 as sweet molasses so you can substitute for molasses or other sweeteners. 

Brown Rice Syrup - is made from brown rice, with a slight butterscotch flavour, its 1/2 as sweet as table sugar.

Maple Syrup - This divine syrup, is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals

Honey - is the food of the goods and its your friend too, make sure that you get Raw organic, so that you can be sure that the its still full of vitamins and minerals.  Video to come later on this week

Stevia - This powder is 250-300 times sweeter than table sugar. No calories. 

Personally for me, fresh raw organic medjool dates are the best sweetener, add them to raw and baked goods for a flavour that's real, healthy and alive. 

The ultimate sweet treat though is raw fresh organic fruit, providing your body with all the essential minerals and nutrients, antioxidants, fibre, water and AMAZING TASTE. 

For more information on living the sweet life jump onto our Facebook page and get involved.  There will be tips on curbing sugar cravings, and creating a delicious bounty of sweet treats.


 If you are new to raw food preparation, then you must come and join us at our B-RAW workshop. THERE IS ONLY ONE SEAT REMAININGand in three hours, the amazing raw foodie Andrea Brosnan will teach you how to make green smoothies, raw treats, make amazing salads, dips, skin care and so much more with a light meal included.  This is  an event not to be missed.  We only have a couple of seats left for this event, so be sure to book now!


Farm news: Our crops have all been decided up and so now we must wait until they can have a chance for survival when the weather warms up.

Store news: Ok so the table for classes is getting picked up this week and we have to just paint a few places and we are ready to go for opening from next week onwards....


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Organic broccolini or baby broccoli is sweet and delicious and its perfect for eating at the moment.  Eat it raw or sautee lightly with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of oil..

Green cucumbers are in, a divine refreshing vegetable that is also an amazing alkaliser and in the absence of lebanese cucumbers, these make every salad complete.

Organic pumpkins are limited at the moment, meaning that if you want pumpkin for this week, order it now!!!

Oh me oh my we have a new organic avocado grower, Kumbara Organics from Victoria...yes you read this right.  His avocado's are huge coming in from the Murray River region of Victoria.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Food for your mood? Or mood for your food?

Food for your mood? Or mood for your food?
In which ways are you currently choosing your foods?
We often know what we feel like when we are in a certain mood. But, how do we know what foods to choose if we wanted to create a more lasting effect on our mood? Which foods are going to provide us with long term benefits to our health? Or are we simply craving to feel a certain way?
We are naturally very intuitive when it comes to choosing our foods. In this day and age, there is much widespread confusion about what food is ‘good’ for you and what is not. Speaking to many women in the community, it seems that we generally feel bad about food cravings and eating certain foods. The fact is eating should always feel good and we should always love and listen to all of our cravings.
“…Mood is dynamic and interchanging - we can bring ourselves into balance by taking a holistic approach to our eating, by getting to Know foods…”

Let’s look at some factors which can impact our food choices, to understand our body and what it needs from food. We will address: 
1) Why we get cravings and addictions to certain foods
2) How we can support our body in the healthiest way
3) How we can balance our meals for optimal energy and balanced mood
Understanding ourselves and addictions to foods 
When we are stressed out or tired, we tend to choose foods which are quick to provide us with energy to make us feel better instantly. Carbohydrates that are high in sugar and refined flour products may give us a boost of energy in the short term, but will inevitably deplete us of important nutrients, leading to nutritional deficiencies, low energy levels and low mood. 

“Possible signs and symptoms of energy imbalances can include: energy highs and lows throughout the day, tiredness especially after eating, muscle cramping and fatigue, overweight, low muscle mass, poor sleep, insomnia, stress, over-active thoughts, hyperactivity, depression and a variety of other mood disorders.“
One of the main reasons that the  carbohydrate ‘high’ impacts our mood directly, is because when we have these sugary foods, our body releases a substance called tryptophan.
  • Trytophan is the amino acid that produces the neurotransmitter, Serotonin – an important happy hormone. Serotonin is the brain chemical that is targeted with most anti-depressant medications. An increase in serotonin means a happier mood and we feel more relaxed. 
So, high sugar foods really do make us feel good and you can probably see how it would be easy to feel quite attracted (and possibly even quite addicted) to these feelings. But, when we wind up feeling more tired and stressed than ever before, it is time to get back in touch with our body and what it really needs for better and lasting health.
Fresh foods are high in vitality which provides our body with a natural rush of oxygen through the blood stream. This feels energising and refreshing.”
Eating natural whole foods diet, that is - food as close as possible to its most natural state - helps the body to produce everything it needs to feel good. Including some raw foods, like a salad or some fresh cut herbs, with each meal will provide enzymes and vitamins to boost natural feelings of goodness.
A good way of ensuring you have a healthy level of serotonin, without the need for a sugary high, is to balance each meal with:
  1. Quality complex carbohydrates – for sustained energy
  2. A variety of amino acids  - for balanced mood 
“A lack of complex carbohydrates or amino acids, can lead to an imbalance of the other.”
Specific foods to increase on a regular basis, to promote a happier mood and more energy include: Almonds, sesame seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, guava, apple, pear, cabbage, pawpaw, blueberries, leafy green vegetables, bananas, avocado, goji berries, cacao, whole grains like oats and quinoa, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
What am I really craving?
Good quality essential fatty acids are really important for the health of the brain and the nervous system and for most parts of the body. That is, the Omegas, 3, 6 and 9’s. Often when we crave ‘junk foods’, like chips and other fatty foods, it may be because our body is actually in need of some good quality fats. Small handfuls of raw nuts and seeds added to dishes will provide essential fats as well as amino acids and various minerals.
“…Don’t curse your cravings, listen to them…”
The simple key to finding satisfaction and feeling good from foods is pretty straight forward - listen to your body and give it what it needs. This is your eating intuition. Especially, listen to your body when you are craving certain foods. Find out what it is your body really needs and what it is asking for. 
Of course, everyone is individual. There are many nutritional factors which influence the absorption of nutrients and our approaches to foods. This includes food allergies, caffeine, alcohol, chemical substances like pesticides, medications and various lifestyle choices. With an eating plan to suit your specific needs you will find balance with your health, energy and mood. 
“...Love your foods, love your body…”
Treat yourself to a personalised nutrition plan with Jessica St Clair Rogers, Natural Nutrition Therapist.
Jessica St Clair Rogers is currently practicing Nutrition in Middle Park, Melbourne. Jessica provides her clients with an understanding of how easy it is to make small and tasty changes to everyday food choices, to make massive differences to health. By educating her clients in how to know foods for specific health outcomes, her clients approach the road to wellness with confidence and much better long term health. 
Visit for more information on how Know Foods Australia can assist you
Contact Jessica on 04310399277 or Email