Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eat your way to the best skin

The health and glow of you skin, is more about what you are eating....and not eating than it is ever about what you are putting on your skin.

The key's to beautiful skin are for the most part minerals and enzymes, critical for every function in the human body. This week we look at minerals,  compounds that are found in the soil, originating over time in the evolution of our existence.  The food we eat has learnt to absorb these minerals, creating a nutritious bank in plants, this nutrition is then transferred to us when we ingest them. The better the soil quality, the better concentration in the plants, which then equates to better nutrition with every bite. This is a very important reason to eat your produce organic, healthy soils=healthy people.

Would you be surprised if I told you that organic green vegetables are one of the most abundant sources of these minerals required for healthy skin, as well as an abundance of complete nutrition to facilitate every other function.

The most important minerals for great skin include silicon, zinc, and iron, and some of the most abundant sources of these are...GREEN FRESH VEGETABLES. These vegetables include chlorophyll and are alkalizing in the body so serve to reduce inflammation and puffiness as well as serving the body as a natural deodorant.

Silicon is a fundamental mineral for skin health, it serves to strengthen the skin, hair and nails, by helping to produce collagens which maintain the skin matrix. Good sources included cabbage, green vegetables, cucumbers, onions, radish, cos lettuce, tomatoes, apples,  

Zinc is essential for re-building damaged tissues and wounds including collagen, preventing wrinkles, hair loss and brittle nails.   Good sources include  Organic raw dark chocolate, Raw pumpkin seeds, Pine nuts, Sesame seeds, Pecans, Rolled oats, Dried watermelon seeds, kale, silverbeet

Iron is required to transport oxygen around the body, including the skin's surface.  This act improves circulation and in turn skin tone, good sources include Spinach, Artichoke, Squash Seeds, Dried Apricots, Pistachios, Raisins, Walnuts, Asparagus, Quinoa, Mushrooms, Beans

Enzymes play an equally important role by purifying the blood, metabolising fats, renewing aging skin and keeping the blood clean.

A interesting fact... a study undertaken by St Andrews University of Psychology found that by increasing fruit and vegetable intake, the tone of the skin improved, resulting in an improved healthiness and attractiveness of facial skin.

So what does this all translate to??? Something truly simple...increasing your daily intake of fresh organic produce, preferably as close to its natural state as possible, this doesn't mean eating all of it raw, but at least in the colder months including at least a juice/green smoothie a day and a salad with your lunch and dinner. 

Try our: Green Smoothie


So this week we have the certified organic apples available, our local sustainably grown apple orchard will be back first week in September.  
The oranges are sensational at the moment, refreshing, hydrating and sweet.  
Heavy rainfall in the valley has meant that limited amounts of spinach and wild rocket are coming through this week  
Continental parsley is sensational at the moment, so tasty, add it to your smoothies, juice, everything.  Its a great source of vitamin C and Iron  
The rainbow radish's are sensational too.  Make a delicious salad with them, they look and taste amazing 
Watercress is back this week, watch this space for a delicious potato salad with avocado and watercress 

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Cold weather, warming foods

In our part of the world the temperature is struggling to reach 10 degrees on a daily basis,  it is here that I  am reminded that I am usually quite reluctant to submit to winter, to dress appropriately ,this year is a little different. Since moving out to the country, cold is cold....I have not known life this cold, and thats not a bad thing, just a cold one...This temperature drop has meant that my food choices have changed too, and although salads and juices make a large part of my daily foods, I find myself wanting the nourishing, warm and comforting heavy foods to sustain me.   Nature hears my call, and yours too, you see all the foods that are in season right now are warming foods. These foods raise the basal body temperature as well as being a stimulate for metabolism, and invigorating blood circulation.  This equates to warmth from the inside, an important element of overall health and warmth.  Generally speaking the longer the produce takes to grow and ripen, the more warming it is for the body, likewise if the vegetable likes the cooler weather, it is also considered a warming vegetable.

I know with the mass variety of produce at the supermarket, its hard to know which vegetables and fruits are in season, so check out our seasonal list for more information.

Try incorporating these foods, organically grown of course, into your weekly intake:Cayenne pepper, Parsnips, ginger Oats, Almonds, leek, sweet potatoes, cabbage, kale ( I know that I rant and rave about this divine vegetable, but I want you to be super healthy and eat it all the time), beetroot, fennel, swede, turnips,

An interesting fact, foods grown with artifical stimulation, via chemical fertilisation are more cooling for the body, as opposed to organic produce which ripens and develops naturally.

 This week is all about keeping warm,whilst tantalising your tastebuds, so join us on Facebook for updates.

This week, why not try my favourite juice, please try it, it is soooo good for you and it tastes delicious.  Maybe minimise the kale to start with and increase as you appreciate the taste.  Make enough for everyone...


 So if you are on Facebook, you may have seen the kitchen going in the store....we are all so excited to be able to share this space with you.  We will have our schedule on line hopefully by the end of the week, with some of our classes already sold out.  

The store will operate as an organic grocery store, three days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  The remaining days, Mondays, Wednesday's, Friday's and Sunday's, it will operate as a cooking school.  We have so many amazing individuals to share their food knowledge, from raw fermented, to raw chocolate,detox, alkalizing to traditional italian and everything in between.  We will also be hosting organic farm children's parties with animals and healthy delicious foods. We are anticipating the store being opened by mid July,but we will keep you posted.


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Packham pears are in this week, a quintessential favourite in most homes, the packham pear lends itself to sweet and savoury dishes. First cultivated in Australian in the late 1800's and is a cross between the Williams and Bell pears.
The organic valenica oranges have finished and now we have the divine navel oranges, these oranges are sweet and so juicy.  You won't stop at one, they taste so good.
This week, its all about getting back to our roots.  The Root vegetables are in great supply...
Organic local turnips are in this week, add them to your soup and roasted vegetable dishes.  
Word on the farm is that the rainbow carrots might be ready to pull up this week, watch this space.
Organic swedes, these vegetables resemble a turnip, but are larger in size, with skin that is half purple and half tan.  Swedes add some delicious flavour to roasted vegetables or grated very finely on salads



  " Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from 
childhood to childhood, and so it is in 
everything where power moves."

We thank you for your support as always, we are very grateful that you are making your body healthier, your kids stronger and the world a better place to be.  
 Thanks you are awesome, look forward to serving you, have a healthy week

Angela Gioffre 
(Your nutritionist) and the team at Organic Empire XXX

Monday, June 11, 2012

Create your food future

What a wild and stormy night in Melbourne, Winter is truly here.  We should welcome this with open arms, this cooler weather makes way for some amazing produce and how blessed are we in Melbourne to have all the seasons to enjoy in one year and mostly in one day.
This amazing weather slows down the world of food, with heavy rains slowing down growth, this is not necessarily a bad thing its just how nature rolls.  Either way at the moment, its great for building ark's, if that's your thing.  My thing is marveling and devouring amazing food, I love it, it truly makes my heart sing, there are only a few things in this world that can do that, people, food and beauty...and I can have all those things with food, it has an amazing ability to bring people together, and when its fresh organic food, it nourishes on a cellular level as well as on a soul level.  
Today in the background I heard a report,  it was about how the larger food corporations are shaping the future of our food in Australia (this is not a new discussion) and for that moment my heart sunk, 'this was a tragedy, how can anybody make those choices for us... then I had a moment of clarity...they can't, we are completely in control of creating the world we want, by voting for the future with our dollars, you see these corporations would not be investing in conventional agricultural systems if the greater society spent their dollars on sustainable, life giving systems.... organic systems.  
I want there to be a future where food can move people, with its taste, nutrition and life.  Where biodiversity exists and where people are healthy and happy and I need your help to do this.  No man is an island (although if these rains continue, my property may become one), my request is that this week, you preach the virtues of organic food, share your food with those you love, teach them about the power of good food and mostly sit and enjoy yours...its truly a blessing and you share your blessing everytime you do this because you create a healthier world.. 

Just some interesting organic information for your perusal:

Organic food can contain up to 40% more vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown food.  That equates to more carrot in your carrot. With one U.S. study finding that organic food contained 63 per cent more calcium, 73 per cent more iron, 125 per cent more potassium and 60 per cent more zinc than conventionally grown food, as well as 25 per cent less of the toxic element mercury.

The EPA released figures which show that 60% of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides and 30% of all insecticides are carcinogenic. 
That kind of information is worth sharing...


Ian from Beenak Farm dropped over some amazing organic/biodynamic kiwi fruit to the farm this week...  They are amazing, allow them to ripen at room temperature, then chill.
Corn is back this week, albeit a little pricey.  It is still super sweet, and makes a perfect snack.
Tumeric is really in this week, we have an abundance available.  Add it to your juice for some amazing life giving properties.
Some of you may have noticed the curly kale making its way into your boxes, if you prefer the Cavello Nero/Black kale, please let us know.  The curly kale is biodynamically grown in the Yarra Valley and is so beautiful.




  "To eat is a necessity, but 
to eat intelligently is an art. "
La Rochefoucauld

We thank you for your support as always, we are very grateful that you are making your body healthier, your kids stronger and the world a better place to be.  
 Thanks you are awesome, look forward to serving you, have a healthy week

Angela Gioffre 
(Your nutritionist) and the team at Organic Empire XXX

Monday, June 4, 2012

What are you bring to the table tonight?

What a question, and as deep as the answer could be, I just want to scratch the surface in the literal sense.  You see what we bring to the table, has the biggest impact on everything in our lives, our energy, health and in turn happiness.  

When we eat foods grown naturally..organically, we nourish the mind body and soul, and doing so we know that every mouthful contributes positivity to not only our bodies, but those whom we share a meal with. It also nourishes the earth, in every sense, encouraging biodiversity, growth and ultimately life.  

It is so rewarding to know where your food has come from and how it is created, it's this connection that breeds respect for the food that we consume and in turn the farmers that grow it.  

Then to use these amazing foods together to create a the best expression of life, to take the bounty and use it to create energy in our bodies this is bliss.

This week, for us its all about what we are bringing to the table, and we want to share our commitment to you.  We always strive to bring the freshest organic produce to your table, to empower you with the tools to make you and your family healthier, happier to live the best life, and finally to be part of the change for the better, to be able to share our passion for real food. Its our lives, we are so passionate about organic farming, we think it tastes better and is better. 

So what are you bringing to the table? How can you nourish yourselves better?
Let us help you...jump onto our website for more information.

Orders to the northern Suburbs, ie orders delivered on Tuesday's, will need to be made before 5pm Sunday's.   

This week's menu will be live on Wednesday, stay tuned for more information....


I don't know that the true taste of nuts can be experienced until they are eaten fresh from their shell.  Cracked and eaten, as nature created, the oils are healthy and safe, the flavour sweet.  Fresh nuts have limited seasons and this is the season for fresh walnuts.  As well as being delicious, there is also something quite gratifying of cracking the shell and eating the treasure. Try them for yourself.
This cooler weather makes for great parsnips, producing a sweeter nutty root.  A versatile vegetable that is equally delicious raw as it cooked, these are being harvested this week for your orders.
Celery is back, and just in time for your juices and soups.  Make sure that you use all of the celery, the tops can be added to stews and soups, as well as juices and smoothies.  This is coming in from Queensland, as the Melbourne crops have finished for the time being.
Tomatoes are making a comeback, albeit at a price, they are very limited at the moment and stock is selling out fast, so be sure to get your orders in quickly.
The star performer this week, by far is the fancy lettuce, it is divine.  Makes for a beautiful salad.....
Tumeric is back, this is one of nature's most powerful healers, juice it dry it, just get it in.


To be always intending to live a new life, but never find time to set about it -- this is as if a man should put off eating and drinking from one day to another till he be starved and destroyed.".'"
Sir Walter Scott

We thank you for your support as always, we are very grateful that you are making your body healthier, your kids stronger and the world a better place to be.
Thanks you are awesome, look forward to serving you, have a healthy week

Angela Gioffre 
(Your nutritionist) and the team at Organic Empire XXX