Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farming, tomatoes and Joel Salatin, what life on the farm is teaching me

I remember once upon a time, dreaming of a farm, a place where food grew naturally, this place was where paradise met the rest of the world....I found that place and my dream came true...I didn't think that anything could make me more focused than what I was..farm life has.  I never considered myself a farmer, that is until now.
You see the sun has come up on our farm...metaphorically and literally....we have ourselves an amazing farm manager, Steve, who is going to growing your divine organic produce. The farm is coming together, your food is. 
You see  I think that I have been blessed with the huge responsibility in life of keeping people  healthy, that is my mission, to create, perpetuate and share real food.  This is truly one thing that creates happiness in the world, for food=life.  I must express my gratitude to you all, because its because of you and for you that this can happen....
It's so important for me to connect with you, as a farmer, at our food school and in our farm store these connections, that one's that make us a community are so important for creating the future that we want, a beautiful one, where our kids and their kids will always have access to the best freshest alive foods. 
What have I learnt in my short time on the farm, that life is miraculous...its is bigger than we could ever imagine.  That the sun rises and sets irrespective of whatever problems you think you may have, and that the people that you love, they are what truly matters...

So tomorrow evening I get to hang out with one of my food hero's, Joel Salatin of Food Inc fame.  He is a farmer that is revolutionising small scale farms the world over, with a holistic system that goes beyond organic. I look forward to seeing you if you are attending the Dumbo Feather event. For those that are not, don't despair I will be sharing Joel's wisdom.  

Speaking of farming, we have over 18 varieties of heirloom organic seedling available in the food store this week, get in quick and start your own...they don't take much to grow and will taste amazing!!!!

I hope that you have a sensational happy healthy week, thanks for all your amazing support

Angela and the team at Organic Empire
"My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer."
Brenda Schoepp


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