Sunday, January 8, 2012

Salt of life

Salt is a necessary part of the diet, which is essential for the maintenance of correct volume of circulating blood and tissue in the body and is especially important in the warmer months when we tend to sweat more.
Currently though the majority of people over consume salt, which causes many health problems, including high blood pressure, a very common ailment here in Australia.
The aim with salt intake is to make sure that you take in no more than 4g a day ( if you are engaging in vigorous exercise this amount increases). This is approximately 1.5 teaspoons of salt, but humans can survive on 1g of salt a day if required to.

Preservation of food and enhancement of flavour and the primary reasons that salt is used so heavily in processed foods. The result of over consumption of these foods correlates to a high intake of salt without even picking up the grinder.
Why not try Himalayan Sea Salt ($8.99) with over 87 trace minerals, stay away from processed foods, eat lots of fresh foods high in potassium and drink lots of water to help flush your body!