Monday, February 6, 2012

Back to school

So its back to school and routine for the majority of us this week, and although its quite stressful to leave the bliss of summer holidays behind, where the only rule was that there were no rules, dinner at 9pm was ok and so was sleeping in till 10.   I think its nice to have routine again, and however stressful and hectic your lives may be, it can be made better by looking after yourself.  I know that when we feel overwhelmed the last thing we think about is eating well, but its truly the most important thing.

Never before have we been so busy, our western lives driven by haste and in turn convenience mean that the majority of the population turn to processed quick fixes in order to feed the body.

With a little organization, this can be different, your story can read like this ...' the kids lunch boxes were the envy of the school yard, my lunch was amazing and I felt fabulous and nourished after enjoying it'..
All it takes are some simple tools, knowing what it is you are making, having the ingredients on hand, and taking the time to make it. The truth is, it's usually quicker than going to the lunch bar...

So what can you do differently this week, what can you have in your lunch that will make you feel amazing?. Organic fresh produce is a great start, and so is increasing the amount of fresh produce. Why not try varying your diet and including new foods, making sure that everyday you and your family eat a rainbow. (that is a variety of different coloured foods).

If time is truly against you, nature have the answer, making lunch orders easy by perfectly packing produce in its own delicious skin.  Just grab some carrots, some cucumbers (add a pinch of salt for perfection), grab a couple plums, bag of grapes and a banana...delicious, nutritious and easy.  Nuts for afternoon tea, with some goji berries...

These actions, however small will ensure that your life is changed for the better.

So what's for lunch? How about some....

 Rice paper rolls, made in a flash, the kids will love them, let them fill them with their favourite vegetables.
  Avocado Salad, this can be made with whatever you have on had, diced with avocado, and dressed.
 Vietnamese Salad, make extra for dinner and take it to work the next day

Beetroot and pumpkin salad,roasted the night before, makes a divine lunch.  just be sure to wait to dress it before you eat. 

or perhaps make up a big batch of raw or cooked muesli bars,either way delicious, try them for yourself

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"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition” Thomas Edison