Friday, February 24, 2012

Featherless Chickens are not OK!

I really dislike being a bad news bear, preferring to appreciate the positive, but there are something's that I need to how disgusting it is that they are breeding featherless chickens to make it easier to process them after slaughtering, and how they are genetically modifying mosquito breeds, or how the new genetically modified corn is killing our bees.  I am not sure how exactly we got to this place....
C'mon people make a change, we can't create a world like this for our kids.  GET ORGANIC, GROW YOUR OWN, SUPPORT ORGANIC FARMING, LEARN LEARN LEARN ,EAT WELL and LIVE WELL
 Read more on what's going on in the world of genetic modifications on the BFA website


Get juicy with us

I want this week to be all about feeling good. Feeling good is SO important, because how you spend your spend your life.  SO we are all about feeling good the majority of the time, and we know the power of food to exert those good feelings. When the body is balanced and nutritionally sound everything works perfectly, you sleep well, you feel full of energy, your skin glows, your  are eyes clear.  This all sounds dreamy and divine, but then the reality of a hectic lifestyle reminds us of why we are the way we are, consuming foods on the run, forever busy.. 
This is the story of my life, so I can sympathise with you all, and as a nutritionist I know the importance of sound health and good food. I would like to encourage you all to do one thing this week for you, for your health. Something you can take in the car, make it in a flash and revitalise your body with, helping the body obtain all the nutrients it can.  They are tasty and delicious and the kids will love them too.  Intrigued ??? 
Its organic juices and smoothies, these powerhouses of health can be made to provide all the nutrients we need.  All you need at home is a blender/juicer and we will supply the rest in the form of amazing organic produce, just be sure to place you order now.            

We want to help you, so this week we have all the juicing essentials on special, as well as the juicing box discounted to $20 for only this week, CHECK OUT OUR ORGANIC STORE NOW.

There is more, we are also going to provide lots of recipes for juices and smoothies updated daily on our site, so check back daily and let's get juicy.

 There are lots of ways that we can work on improving nutrition so stay tuned on Facebook and on the website for meal ideas, green smoothies and juices this week.  Together we will build a program a lifestyle that cleanses and energises the body and mind.  So plan your menu out this week to try and include a vegie juice or smoothie a day!